A Great Many Things VI

Perenelle grimaced. "I hope you don't take offence. I haven't met many incubi and they usually aren't so reasonable. I also hope that your comment wasn't also a rejection of my offer." Her expression brightened. "If Ms. Elesme is able to come, I'm sure we could find something suitable for her to eat. It doesn't even have to be dinner. We could play cards!"

Sera jogged down the steps of the library and over to where the boys were bickering.
"We wouldn't have gotten thrown out if you hadn't followed me in!" Asesino growled.
"If I hadn't followed you in you would've probably destroyed the library!" Sam snapped back.
"I didn't sit on top of a bookshelf!"
"Well, at least I didn't knock one over!"
"Casper literally has a sign that says 'Do not enter, Sam Green!"
Sera ran to stand between them. "Hey, I told you both to stay outside! I would have been in and out if you weren't so impatient!"
The argument ended, but both boys continued to glare at each other.
Sera smiled at the improvement, however slight. "Let's go find a place to sit down."

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