Possibilities For The Future XXXVI - 06 Jan 2016

"I'd rather wait a few days, if you don't mind."

"Of course. I think we could both use some rest." Thomas replied, motioning for her to sit next to him. He knew that Lea's wounds were mostly healed, but the mental toll was something no magic could cure. A few days of rest would do wonders.

Naomi winced as a wave of pain washed over her. She could tell that it was only a fraction of the pain Ophelia felt. And whoever it was coming from was very much in danger. That sort of pain was usually the result of a fatal wound.
She cursed and looked around again, searching. Whatever was happening, it wasn't outside. The parking lot was mostly clear except a couple of people. And there were no alleyways nearby.
"Okay, we need to get inside. Can you stand, or do I need to carry you?" she asked Ophelia.

Nathan chuckled. "I'll give you the address. Come in tomorrow and we'll have you fill it out. Shouldn't take long."

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