Possibilities for the future XXXVII / Encounters XVI - 6 Jan 2016

Levi stood up from his chair, offering his hand to the other man. "I look forward to it."


Zeric lashed out with his dagger, stabbing its silver blade into the strigoi's shoulder. Then, leaving the knife, retrieved his kopis and swung the heavy blade at the creature's throat. Still recovering from from the sizzling blade in his shoulder, the strigoi was unable to avoid the blow. Its head rolled off its shoulder, and its body fell in a heap.
His moment of triumph was interrupted abruptly by a pair of shotgun blasts. The Dhampir glanced over towards the door to see a human hunter standing at the doorway. His shaking hands were holding a 12 gauge shotgun trained straight at Carmilla.
Brushing past the foolhardy human, he caught Carmilla mid lunge. "Calm down, killing him won't help anythi--" He was cut off when the man fired a third shot, this one ripping into his back.
Gritting his teeth against the pain, he shot a glare at the man, but made no move to retaliate. He then heard a cry of surprise and pain, as well as the sound of bodies colliding with the floor. He glanced back again to see one of strigoi tearing into the human's throat.
Zeric smirked. "I suppose he was watching the wrong vampire."

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