Possibilities for the Future XXXVIII - 6 Jan 2016

Thomas smiled. "Of course I want to go."
He kiseed her quickly before pulling her backwards to lie on the bed. Tucking his arm around her shoulder, he pulled her close. "Now get some rest. You're barely awake. "

Naomi cursed again. This was the type of situation she hated. Very little information, dead bodies, and no backup.
Not to mention Ophelia was in a state thanks to her abilities.
"Ok. Let's get you settled inside. I'll message HQ and get backup sent." Naomi said, lifting Ophelia with only a little trouble. One of the benefits of an obsessive personality is that Naomi was in great shape. Ophelia, who was tall but thin, wasn't that much of a burden for her to lift and quickly carry inside.
Naomi settled her in a chair, then began looking around.
Most of the patrons seemed confused by the strange pain they had just experienced.
"You okay?" Naomi asked, looked at Ophelia in concern.

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