A Great Many Things VI

Perenelle looked over her shoulder to point at a tall office building.
"We live on the top floor. Someone has to take care of headquarters."
Karayan nodded.
"A wise decision. I'll see you soon then. Does five o'clock sound good to you?"
Perenelle smiled.
"It sounds perfect. I'll see you then."
They each turned their backs to the other and left their separate ways.

Sera sat between Sam and Asesino on a bench next to the road.
"So, Asesino, how's Hell?"
Asesino shrugged, "Just how it is usually, fiery and full of screams. Though we have had a temperature spike recently. I nearly stepped in a pool of lava the other day! You would think Lucifer would handle that sort of thing, but he's given responsibility of the temperature to Flereous for the past week! He makes it so ungodly hot. Lucifer usually keeps it at a good hundred and ten degrees. This is over a hundred and fifty! Hell is literally filled with sulfer! It really makes me wonder what he was thinking. At least our houses are mostly made of obsidian, not much is going to damage that, but it's going to be so hard to start a garden in this heat! Anyway, how has your work been, Sera?"
Sera blinked, taking a minute to readjust herself and it seemed Sam was doing the same. "I suppose it's been alright. I just finished a paper on how ruchemy effects specific plants and how it can be used to save endangered species, but I didn't forget to mention the restrictions on growing invasive species. It seemed really well received and I hope some naturecrafters will take my advice. We've also just had a new pair of kelpies shipped to us. We're going to be studying them for the next few years in the hopes that we can have a better understanding of the species and so that maybe we can find another food source for them and if our request gets approved we might be able to create a domestic kelpie!"
Sam grinned. "It'd be awesome to have a kelpie."
Asesino nodded. "They are very fun to ride."
Sam and Sera turned to look at him.
Asesino looked back at them. "I'm not human. It's not like they're going to eat me! I have a friend that owns one. Her name is Rosalia."
"That's the kelpie's name." He said after noticing their confusion. "I have a Hellhound myself, his name is Gavin."
Sera looked up in surprise. "Time really does fly! It was nice to see you both, but it's getting dark and I really have to go."
Asesino nodded. "I guess I'll see you soon."
He stood up, hugged his sister and was swallowed into the concrete.
Sam did the same, excluding the concrete melting. "I hope I'll see you tomorrow. I heard there was a big dog down near New Church Road making trouble on some guy's farm. I think it could be a Hellhound. Want to see if this farmer wants to get rid of the pest?"
Sera looked skeptical. "I don't know Sam. This could just be a dog. I haven't heard of a Hellhound staying in one place for long."
"It could be haunting this guy specifically or maybe the farm has some dark magic keeping it there!"
Sera looked thoughtful. "I suppose you could be right. It's too soon for the hunters to be sent out to check on it either."
Sam jumped. "You're coming! Don't worry, If it is a Hellhound we can probably get some good money for it."
"If I do come I think we should bring Asesino. He might be able to help us with a Hellhound."
Sam grimaced. "He'd ruin all the fun!"
Sera gave him a pat on the back before turning to leave. "It'll be fine. Just give him a chance. We can hunt the next thing ourselves."
"I have given him several chances!"
She was already gone.

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