Car Trouble? -6 Jan 2016

The man's feet slammed hard into the sidewalk with every step. His breath came in ragged gasps. He abruptly came to a stop at a dimly lit parking garage. The man fumbled as he hastily drew a pistol, pointing its shaking barrel through the doorway. The cement pillars and dim lights cast long shadows across the floor.
Wide eyes searched erratically around the building for any sign of danger. The man saw none, but still searched. He knew they were here, waiting.
A few minutes later, he jumped into his car and fumbled the key into the ignition. he let out a sigh, turning the key.
His eyes widened when nothing happened. He opened his mouth to call for help, only for a gloved hand to clamp down over his lips like a vise, silencing his cry.
Something shifted behind him, as if someone was leaning forwards in the back seat. A voice like poisoned honey whispered into his ear: "Car trouble?"
He began to struggle when a wickedly sharp knife jerked across his throat. He saw the spatter of blood across the windshield, and everything went dark.

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