Healing and Feeling Pt. 1

Otylie was standing at the windowsill, spraying her bean plant, when Liam came to get his morning tea.
"Aren't you exited Lee? You have your doctors appointment in an hour. You're getting the sling off today!"
"I am, but I think you're more exited than I am. Was taking care of me that bad?" He smiled.
She frowned. "You were fine," a grin stretched across her face. "Don't worry your pretty little head about it."
Otylie felt her feet leave the ground. Liam had wrapped his good arm around her legs and she now sat on his shoulder.
"Who's the short one now?"
He wobbled over to the counter as she laughed and plopped her down next to her beans. He gave her a peck on the cheek, moving to the living room.
"Hey Lee, your bean's stem finally finished healing!"
"That's good to hear. I was getting worried about Liam Jr."
Otylie set down the spray bottle, grabbed a cup of tea, and followed him.
He sat in a red armchair, looking through the result of Otylie's most recent shoot.
He held up a picture of Dublin Castle. The picture was taken from the top of Medieval Tower, angled down at the rest of the castle.
"You should use this one."
Otylie looked skeptical. "It doesn't show very much of the castle."
"You don't see the top of the castle very often. Most people get pictures from the side. It's an interesting new perspective. I'm sure your employer will think so."
She took it from his hands, squinted at it and put it in a folder. "I'll run it by him. Did you remember to call your aunt and see if we can still come over?"
"I did. She's very happy that I'm getting the sling off and made up a cake to celebrate. Aunt Shiori can't cook for anything, but she can definitely bake." He glanced above the door at the clock. "We should get going."

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