Healing and Feeling Pt. 2

Otylie and Liam stood outside one if the many MacTeirnan households, this one belonging to Liam's Great-aunt Shiori.
Otylie fiddled with her camera settings. "How's your shoulder?"
Liam grinned. "A lot better. I'm glad I can move it again!"
She took a picture, smiling down at the results as Liam smiled down at her.
"Grandma, Liam and Otylie are here!" Will raced out of the house, Claire seconds behind him.
Will grabbed Liam and Claire grabbed Otylie, dragging them inside.
"Children! Calm down!" Shiori turned from the oven, "Sit down!" She wacked the side of the table with her walking stick. "There's a grandma with a cake!"
She pulled out a chair to sit in front of a cherry cheesecake. "Sit down and have some cake! My great-nephew can move his arm again. I think that's cause for celebration!"
"I've been told great things about your baking Mrs. MacTiernan." Otylie said.
Shiori waved her hands dismissively, "Call me Auntie!" She glanced at Otylie, "I have a good feeling about you."
Otylie blushed and a smile tugged at her lips.
They ate in silence, unable to lift their heads from their plates.
Liam finished first. "What are you getting Luke for his birthday?"
Shiori frowned. "We weren't sure. You know that he's not really one for things. We were just going to send Will over with a cake."
"Well then we should send our gifts over together! Otylie found some old pictures in storage and got the great idea of making a photo album."
Otylie raised her camera. "I thought we could add a group picture while we were here and maybe you have some other pictures around the house you might want to add." She grabbed Liam and her plates, heading towards the sink.
Claire jumped up. "You don't have to do that!" She snatched the dishes, pushing Otylie back toward her chair. "Tell us more about the photo album."
Otylie sat back down. "Well, I figured that if he wouldn't want things, he could surely take comfort in some happy memories. I've never met him, but from what I've heard his childhood wasn't the happiest, what with dad of the year and all, and birthdays are a sensitive subject."
Shiori nodded solumnly. "It's the truth though we wish it weren't so. It's a kind thing you're doing. You're a smart girl."
"I hope that this smart girl is also ready for an intense training session." Liam shouted.
Claire jumped for joy. "Thank goodness! I don't have to take lessons from Grandma anymore!"
Shiori glared.
"I mean I'm sorry Grandma. You were a wonderful teacher!"
Otylie huffed a laugh. "She can't be that bad!"
Will took the rest of the plates. "She's not even a warlock, but she trains like a general."
Liam smirked. "Then how do you feel about speed training."
Claire paled. "Oh no."
"Oh yes," Liam cackled, rubbing his hands together in a cartoonish ciracature of a villan, "Aunt Shiori's been telling me how far you've progressed in your distance summoning, but how fast can you summon?"
Claire moaned at her future, putting her head in her hands while Liam stood up from the table, pointer finger to the sky.
"You are going to summon and return your sword and your dirk. I want you to summon them fast enough that you're able to use a different one for every attack Tylie makes and I want Will to shoot a 500 yard target in time with those attacks. If you can, I want you to try and cut at least three." He summoned Otylie's sword, walking out the door, "We still have a long way to go and as history has shown us, very little time before someone trys to shoot you."
Otylie stood up, thanking Shiori again. "We can get the pictures before we leave. I'll get the finished product to you tomorrow, but for now, it seems Liam's bootcamp has begun."
"You got out the good stuff out it seems."
Sam looked up from the table, unsurprised to see her there. Sera had a copy of his house key since he was 16. He knew one word in German and that word was "Bier."
He gestured to the seat next to him which she gladly took.
"It helps to numb the pain. Why are you here anyway?"
She glanced at his arm. "I came to see if you were all right. I also brought more bandages."
"Thanks," He swallowed another mouthful, "Do you want any?"
She looked at the half empty bottle of whiskey. "I can't."
"Why, because baby brother told you so?" He leaned in, breath burning the air, "Or is it because the last time you drank the library needed to get new locks?"
Sera flushed, "Get out of my face." She pushed him away and Sam leaned back in his chair. "It's better for the both of us."
"Really Miss Killjoy."
"If I didn't know your life story, I probably would have sent you to AA by now."
He rocked his chair. "They couldn't handle me."
"Of that I'm sure. We all have messed up lives, but we also have each other to keep us sane through what we see."
Sam stopped rocking. He smiled. "You still don't want that drink?"
"One time can't hurt."

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