It Is Still Dec 6, 2015, Despite The Egyptians



"I'm gonna assume," he said, looking at Cal, "That one of these is your sister. And the other one?"
I raised a hand. "Yeah, I'm the sister. Hi. Erin Thorne. As for her... We don't know."


Looking at Cerulea she asked, "So, young lady, as young Thomas asked, who are you?"
Cerulea shrugged, fiddling with the cat pendant on her necklace.
Tiesiog pasakykite, Mistral said quietly.
"I am Cerulea Galva, a therian mage from Lithuania."
Aki chittered on her shoulder, and she plucked him up and held him in her hands. "This is Aki, a raiju. He destroyed the lion's arrows."
Aki squirmed out of her hands and darted over to the young man named Thomas. He scurried up to Thomas's shoulder and chirped.
Cerulea felt somewhat saddened. "He seems to like you. He'll protect you however he can, as long as you take care of him."


*time skip to when the cats are dead*
I looked around at the five corpses of the cat-snakes. They were covered in blood, the area was covered in blood, our weapons were covered in blood, we ourselves were covered in blood, it was just a bloody mess.
"So uh, Ragnar," I asked, scuffing some gore off my shoe, "How exactly are we supposed to get to the Hunter base thingy if Ellen took the truck?"


"That lightning isn't Thor's, Luke. That's your friends."
I left the cafe in such a hurry my chair toppled over when I stood. I didn't even say goodbye to Mishka but instead rushed towards the source of the lightning. My friends were in danger and Lugh spear me if I let them get killed.


He walked up to her and said “why are you in Ragnar’s truck?”
I got out of the truck quickly, shutting the door with a dull slam. "Are you a Hunter? Nevermind, stupid question. Look, Ragnar was taking me, my brother, and two other kids here for our safety but some monsters showed up. He stayed behind along with my brother and Jem to kill them while I drove here. I can't fight - there was pavement and my triskele's broken - but I'm worried about them. So could you help?"

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