Of Cleanup and Worries

"This is Aki, a raiju. He destroyed the lion's arrows." Aki squirmed out of her hands and darted over to the young man named Thomas. He scurried up to Thomas's shoulder and chirped." He seems to like you. He'll protect you however he can, as long as you take care of him."

Thomas stroked the little raiju's head. "Thanks." The little raiju gave another chirp, obviously pleased with himself. Thomas grinned and then looked at the two girls. "I am grateful to you as well. I didn't feel like becoming cat food today." He gave a slight bow, careful not to upset Aki's balance.

-----Kaylara ----
Kaylara looked at the young woman. "Pasveikinimas, Cerulea Galva. I have heard reports on you. Quite the skilled hunter. Or troublemaker, according to some." She gave a smile and held out her hand. It would be advantageous to be friendly with this girl, she thought. Even if she doesn't become a Hunter, being allied would benefit both parties.
As she was speaking, part of her mind was working on another problem. Namely, that it was unusual for even the Illuminati to act quite so openly. To be honest, it had Kaylara worried. They usually stuck to politics and picking off weak loners. Attacking a group like the Circle was dangerous. Not because they couldn't win, but because it warned any other group that they could be next. Most notably herself and other hunter families. None of which would tolerate their actions.

"So uh, Ragnar, how exactly are we supposed to get to the Hunter base thingy if Ellen took the truck?"
Digging in his pocket, Ragnar pulled out four small stones. He tossed one to each of the druids and placed one on the ground. "Corporis sanguinem emundabit."
As he spoke the blood was absorbed into the stones, leaving them clean as well as absorbing the bodies.
The stones were a handy magic tool that Kay created for situations exactly like this one. Too many times they had nearly been exposed because of blood and bodies. Or what was left of bodies.
"I suppose we could get a cab. Or walk. It's a few blocks, but not that far." He said with a grin. "Besides, we might draw out anyone else following us." This time his grin was a little more predatory.

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