"I am grateful to you as well. I didn't feel like becoming cat food today." He gave a slight bow, careful not to upset Aki's balance.
I smiled at the young Hunter. "You're welcome, Thomas. Though," I added turning to Kaylara, "I do wonder why the Illuminati was so open about this. I did admittedly just kill Bres a few hours ago but that shouldn't have provoked them to such extremes."


"Pasveikinimas, Cerulea Galva. I have heard reports on you. Quite the skilled hunter. Or troublemaker, according to some."
Cerulea shrugged. "Unlike some, I do not enjoy diplomacy. But could you explain the lion? Why was it here?"


"I suppose we could get a cab. Or walk. It's a few blocks, but not that far." He said with a grin. "Besides, we might draw out anyone else following us." This time his grin was a little more predatory.
Jemma smiled. "I like walking."
I just sighed and returned my khopesh to the Du'at. The serpopards had been pretty brutal and I knew I was gonna be covered in bruises tomorrow. I just hoped Elle had already made it safely to the Hunter's camp.


The lightning storm ended abruptly after an impressive flash near a hospital. By then I had the sense to call Erin and ask what had happened, which she explained.
"You're saying the Circle is now part of the Hunters?"
"Yeah, they're providing sanctuary for us. I don't know for how long. Why are you asking, I thought you were hunting?"
"Yeah, I killed a harpy. But Mishka said the Illuminati'd found you."
"I appreciate the concern, but we're fine. Well, mostly fine. But don't worry about it. Just get to the Hunter's base as quickly as possible. How did Mishka know the Illuminati was in town?"
"She didn't say."
"I'm not sure we should trust her, Luke. You notice how she always pops up wherever we happen to be?"
I hung up.

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