*Mishka Doshkov*

Mishka bit her lip as she watched Luke leave. She was worried. She was very, very worried. She hated lying to him - not that she'd actually lied to him then - and manipulating his emotions and feelings made her feel dirty.
But she had no choice. She was of the ležící zrádce employed by the Illuminati to infiltrate their enemies and betray them to her superiors. Were she to try and get out of it she would be killed, swiftly and efficiently. To Luke it'd seem as though she'd just disappeared.
Mishka still regretted her decision to join the Illuminati so many years ago, after she'd already built a relationship with Luke. They'd told her they could give her infinite power and that was all it took for her to accept. It disgusted her now how easily she'd been bought then. These days they promised her Luke's protection, but she could hardly rely on that. The Illuminati was ruthless and cruel - they would kill him, no matter how good she was. She just hoped she could drop enough hints along the way to tip him off.

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