Deeper Things

--Kaylara --
"I do wonder why the Illuminati was so open about this. I did admittedly just kill Bres a few hours ago but that shouldn't have provoked them to such extremes."

Kaylara snorted and shook her head. "I doubt that has anything to do with it. In fact, I imagine even the ones that want to kill you would thank you for killing that simpleton first."

Cerulea shrugged. "Unlike some, I do not enjoy diplomacy. But could you explain the lion? Why was it here?"

A wide smile briefly spread across Kaylara's face at Cerulia's reply. Ah, to be so young again, she thought.
"The lion was Menhit, a war goddess who is part of the Illuminati. As to why, I imagine she was here to kill Callum, Erin, and anyone who assisted them." Looking at the others, her face had a troubled expression. "As to why they would do that now, in such a manner, I have no idea. Something has changed."

--Ragnar --
Jemma smiled. "I like walking."
"Excellent. We can be there in.......about 10 minutes." Ragnar said as he started heading towards the safe house.
As they walked he began explaining how the Hunter's used camps and safe-houses.
"The safe-house is rather small. Usually it has some basic supplies, maybe a doc to check you out, and access to information. It's just there for temporary stops. That's where we're headed. Our Camps on the other hand, well, think of them as a cross between a military base and a summer camp." As he talked, he lead them in a circuitous route towards the safe-house. It wouldn't do to tip off any tails where they were going. Not that it was easy to break in, but fighting while protecting several youngsters? He could do it, but didn't want to take the risk if possible.
He also called ahead to the safe-house phone.

--Thomas ---
"I'm not sure we should trust her, Luke. You notice how she always pops up wherever we happen to be?"

"That doesn't sound good." Thomas said as Erin put her phone away. "You think someone is informing on you?" His mind raced through the various ways he knew of spying on communications. If there was a spy, then tracing their messages would prove useful.

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