"As to why they would do that now, in such a manner, I have no idea. Something has changed."
Cal sighed. "I wish we knew what changed."
"That doesn't sound good. You think someone is informing on you?"
I shrugged. "It's not that I think she's informing on us, I just have a bad feeling about her. And there have been some strange circumstances surrounding our encounters. But in the meantime we should probably get to the safe house."
I replaced Foirne on my back, binding it to the leather cross-body strap parallel Fragarach's scabbard. Cal tossed me the sword and I sheathed it, recasting the camouflage that hid both weapons from view.


"The lion was Menhit, a war goddess who is part of the Illuminati. As to why, I imagine she was here to kill Callum, Erin, and anyone who assisted them."
Cerulea absorbed the information silently.
We've entered a war, haven't we? Mistral sounded worried.
That we have, Misty.
The mage then approached the Hunter Thomas and gestured at the wound in his arm. "That was my fault."


Aki had curled up contentedly on Thomas's shoulder and promptly fallen asleep. Little sparks twitched occasionally in his fur.


"Excellent. We can be there in.......about 10 minutes."
I summoned the scabbard for my diamond sword and sheathed it, strapping the scabbard onto my belt. Luckily for me it was encrusted with rubies near the hilt so thanks to my gem-finding powers via Pluto it was fairly easy to find.
"The summer camp aspect sounds fun," I told Ragnar. "Will we go to a camp after we leave the safe house?"


Luke arrived at the safe-house shortly after I had with blood on his shirt, though he assured me it was the blood of a harpy and not his. He looked frazzled, so I asked him what was up.
"I met with Mishka."
I raised a brow. "Mishka? After you haven't spoken in three months?"
He waved the comment away. "She texted me and told me to meet her in a cafe. So I went, and she told me the Illuminati'd found the Circle."
"She was just conveniently in Boston for you to meet up with? Luke, you understand she shows up everywhere we go--"
"That's what Erin said. But she always appears just in time to give me advice. It doesn't seem like she's tracking us."
I snorted. "You understand she's an actual tracker, don't you?"
He sighed.
I rolled my eyes and opened the fridge, pulling out a jug of orange juice and grabbing a glass from the cabinet. "You want anything?"
Luke just shook his head and left.
Then a black raven shot in through a window I'd cracked open earlier and landed next to the sink.
"Hello, Branwen," I greeted, sipping my juice.
"Elenwen," Branwen croaked. Then she flew past me to a different part of the house.
I sighed and finished my juice.

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