Regroup And Rest.......And Food.

--Thomas --
The mage then approached the Hunter Thomas and gestured at the wound in his arm. "That was my fault."

Thomas shook his head. "No, I just didn't duck in time. If you hadn't been helping, we probably would have got a lot worse than this." He moved his arm around, checking the range of motion. It was starting to regain feeling already. "See?" he said with a grin. "Still works."

---Ragnar ---
"The summer camp aspect sounds fun," I told Ragnar. "Will we go to a camp after we leave the safe house?"

"Probably," Ragnar replied with a shrug. "I'll be up to Kay and Erin. I would imagine so. It'll give you a chance to rest and decide how you want to respond."
He pointed towards an old building. His truck was outside so the others had obviously gotten there safely. He led the two young druids inside through the kitchen door.
"We have plenty of food of every kind. If you're hungry just grab whatever you want."
He pulled out a large pizza from the fridge and sat at the table, digging into it with gusto.

---Kaylara ---
"It's not that I think she's informing on us, I just have a bad feeling about her. And there have been some strange circumstances surrounding our encounters. But in the meantime we should probably get to the safe house."

"Indeed we should." Kaylara nodded and headed to the edge of the building.
Usque ad terram
With a slight breeze, the group was lifted and gently set on the ground.
"I imagine that's easier than going down flights of stairs." Kaylara said with a smile. She motioned for the others to follow as she headed towards the safe-house.
"If you are unsure of this girl, I must insist that she not be brought back to our location. Not until it is decided she is trustworthy. The safe-houses can not hold off a true assault."
Kaylara was adamant about one thing - her word was her bond. She had offered protection to the Circle and she would deliver it.
Looking at Erin as they walked she spoke. "I am rather interested in your apprentices. It's been awhile since people have shown an interest in druidry. Most prefer flashier magic. How did you meet them?"

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