"See?" he said with a grin. "Still works."
Cerulea smiled at him. "Well, I'm glad it wasn't worse." She stroked Aki's fur, tickling behind his ears. "I'm just curious, Thomas, but how long have you been hunting?"


"We have plenty of food of every kind. If you're hungry just grab whatever you want."
I shrugged as Ragnar chowed down on a pizza and grabbed a can of pears from the pantry, popping it open with a klop. Emlen pulled open a drawer of silverware and tossed me a fork, which I caught and speared a pear with.
"So, Ragnar," I asked, "How'd you survive your execution in Northumbria? Also, how'd you manage to become immortal? Erin and Cal do it through special tea."
Emlen raised a brow at me but I ignored him.
He rolled his eyes and left.


"I am rather interested in your apprentices. It's been awhile since people have shown an interest in druidry. Most prefer flashier magic. How did you meet them?"
I shrugged, exchanging a glance with Cal. "Elle and Emlen were kind of an accident. We planeswalked to their backyard after trying to get away from Garm and their parents weren't home. Elenwen let us in anyway and got curious. When we explained what we were, she wanted to become a druid. Emlen felt the same. As for Jemma, we caught her vandalizing a mining facility. Which happened to belong to her stepfather. Wade just sorta tagged along."


The safe-house was actually kinda large, but I eventually found my sister in a bedroom upstairs reading The Tempest.
She likes Shakespeare.
I sat down next to her, grinning.
"Did you get hurt?"
I shrugged. "Nothing permanent. I'm just sore."
"And Jem and Ragnar?"
"They're fine. Jemma's eating pears."
She smiled. "Luke's around here somewhere. He had a chat with Mishka earlier and is still in denial of the obvious implications that she is watching us."
I sighed, adjusting my position. "Yeah, that sounds like Luke. Have you heard from Erin?"
Elle shook her head, closing the book. "Nothing as yet. Though I'm worried. It doesn't make sense for the Illuminati to attack us now, of all times. They usually don't attack groups."
"Maybe they're afraid of what we might do."
She shrugged but didn't look very convinced.

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