A Crack in Time, Fierce Battle!

-Outside Mike's place-
" *BURP*...thank you again for your fine mead and luxurious drinks, Kare," said Hercules as he went out the door after he managed to lose track of Thor's whereabouts in all the booze and women that surrounded him. Herc was now standing back at the street again, but it was not as busy and loud as it was when he saw it earlier.
In fact, it seemed like there was no one there at all.

A freezing chill went down the Demi-God's spine, with a breeze humming; brushing against his mostly naked body. "..Erin was right...I should have acquired a thicker armor for my traveling.."
Hercules turned to the bar he just went out of, only to find out that it's doors are shut and seem to have an enormous layer of dust on them, as if no one went through them for decades. "What trickery is this?!" Herc shouted as he unsheathed his mighty metal club from his lap cover's belt.

A mysterious hooded figure headed out of the shadowy street towards Herc.
"Having trouble, son of Zeus? I can't say I'm surprised," the man said.
Hercules immediately turned to his newfound enemy, but he widened his eyes, and then squinted them, for Herc's face was now boiling red with feverish anger.
It was the same figure that sent him here in the first place.
"I have no idea who you are, you mislead bastard, but none of it will matter after I grab your puny body and pound you to dust!"
Hercules dashed with unbelievable speed towards the hooded figure, but when he tried to punch, his fist went right through the mystery man and fell, as if he wasn't even there. Herc's metal club was dropped.

"So sad.. the fall of Hercules, Greek's champion, the strongest of all the pantheon...reduced to nothing in front of ME!!"
The hooded man finished his taunt by raising his hand, and suddenly -- the ground started shaking, thunders crackled through the sky, and the surrounding buildings tore apart to form one gigantic monster of unreal proportions.
"Now, son of Zeus...You will die."
The monster sent one of it's feet down at Herc, nearly squishing him if not stopped by Hercules' impossible strength; but the hero couldn't hold up much longer.
"After I kill you and take your powers, I shall test them by slaughtering your pathetic friends, like that Catherine girl, your buffoon Nordic comrade with the hammer, and then of course, Erin Aisling and the rest of the Raven's Nest!"
Hercules clenched his teeth; he have never faced a more terrifying foe.
"I may have barely got to know these people...but they are good, honest folk. I'll be damned it I'll let you lay a hand on any of them before you're through with ME!!!"

With all of the legendary strength that was left in him, Hercules lifted the entire building-made monster and tossed it at least half a mile away, leaving himself to fall unconscious to the ground. "Hermes...if you can hear me.. please send this massage to Erin Aisling Thorne.. 'he's coming for you...'," and then the hero passed out.

Rain started pouring furiously, with thunders crackling every few seconds.

"That...that sort of power...this raw, untamed strength, might just be enough to bring my journey for power to an end."
The mysterious hooded man proceeded to drain all of Hercules' Olympian powers, leaving him a mere mortal. "Look at you... my hero. Go back to the sinkhole you crawled from!", and with a bright purple light, Hercules was returned to the ancient period of time from which he came from.

The hooded man takes a deep breath as he looked around the debris and emptiness.
"I must prevent this future from becoming a reality...Mishka.. don't worry. Once I'll get the handle on this new power, The Circle of the Raven's Nest will END!

(( OOC- This might as well be my last post in this game. I declared myself as done a long time ago but I wanted to give Hercules a proper exit.. and give you some story problems to handle ;) Good luck and have fun, everyone. I had a blast!))

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