Enter and be Welcome

"I'm just curious, Thomas, but how long have you been hunting?"

Thomas thought for a moment. "Well, I've been with the Hunters for about seven years. I spent the first two in the Labyrinth training." He shuddered at the memory. The Labyrinth, designed long ago by Daedalus, had taken on a life of it's own. Terrible creatures, not seen anywhere else, roamed it hunting down intruders with a fierce fury.
Only a handful of Hunters, the most promising of them, were sent there to train. "After that, I worked under old man Gaius for a year, then Ragnar. I've got to see some pretty amazing things too." He smiled at the memory of the places and things he had seen. Vast ancient cities hidden from the world, creature who's beauty were indescribable, and more.
"What about you? How long have you been hunting?" He asked, curious.

---Ragnar ----
"So, Ragnar," I asked, "How'd you survive your execution in Northumbria? Also, how'd you manage to become immortal? Erin and Cal do it through special tea."

Ragnar swallowed his pizza and shrugged. "Odin decided he liked me. Thought that, how did he put it.....my 'efforts to improve the lives of my people and thus stave off Ragnarok were worthy of admiration'. So he pulled me out and made me Immortal. Said he needed someone here since his Einharjar couldn't act openly. So I helped create the other Einharjar that work outside of Asgard." He took another bite and shrugged again. "I got tired of it all though. Kay helped me get away from it all and go back to actually helping people."

---Kaylara -----
"Hmm. A rather interesting way to meet. Most mortals would probably panic rather than invite you in." Kaylara said with a smile. They were approaching the safe house and she pointed it out to the others. "We should be safe there for awhile. The others are already there." She brought them to one of the side doors and opened it. "I welcome you all as guests. So long as we are friends, my home is as yours."
The old guesting laws required a welcome and the habit was ingrained. It also had a power of it's own that no one quite understood. They simply knew that it did.

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