This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

Posted by : on Feb 28, 2018, 1:50pm

Dungeon of the Damned is a turn based role play.

I ask you to play a normal human character from Earth complete with their memory. Your character can have any number of reasons for responding to the invitation, but they must want to be more than what they are, whether this be a hunger for magic, a homesickness for a fantasy world, or the simple nostalgia of animorph.

The Dungeon of the Damned is meant to give you insight as to my style of fantasy and game play, but more importantly it sets the stage for a far larger, more fantastical, and open world adventure. When you complete the Dungeon of the Damned, the experience points your character has earned allows them to craft new skills, items, magical abilities, and even morph their body into a slew of different races.

* Post length is shorter as your character will be interacting with other characters and the environment who are out of your control. Please try to limit the amount of action/movement your character does in one turn so that other players and game characters have a chance to react. In addition, make sure your character doesn't always succeed and only reacts based on things they know. *

Notes about the game:
A.) Post order will be determined and posted OOC once the three other gladiators have been chosen.

B.) You can die and it has consequences, but it is only ever permanent if you break the rules and are removed.

House rules (breaking may incite in-game consequences or removal):
1.) Curse words are not banned, but are discouraged.

2.) Do not be sexually explicit. Innuendos, flirtation, banter; yes, but no sex, no sexual touching, and just don't go overboard, okay?

3.) Please do not post out of order unless it is OOC.