Ready for Anything(?)

"I do hope nothing to dangerous crawls out of the wood work. Given the way everything looks in here it tells me nothing to freindly might live here," Nithanial said.

Evelyn visibly cringed, hearing this. "Oh, don't say that." She found herself tempted to try and convince everyone to turn back, maybe take a slightly less threatening path forward, but she supposed the deal was done. If something did live in here, there was no reason to believe that anywhere else in the labyrinth would be any safer; this place just looked the part.

"Are we going to mess with that door?" she asked, her meek voice raising in pitch along with her nerves. "Or - all in favor of not touching the creepy door?" With that, she raised her hand and cast a questioning look over the rest of her teammates.

Gareth reacted to this with only a deep, stern frown, and kept his thoughts to himself. It troubled him to think of how unprepared some of them might be for whatever lurked inside this place. He was no better - though he prided himself on always being ready for trouble in general. Or, more likely, maybe he was just a die-hard pessimist.

Gareth's arm brushed unexpectedly against a hanging bone and he shivered, clasping a hand briefly over the skin where it had touched. What kind of person would make something like this? With this in mind, Gareth drew the small knife from his pocket and extended the blade, keeping his eyes and ears open.

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