Alegardi's Hole in the Wall

The group could tell as soon as they stepped fully into the adjacent room that it was someone's home. In one of the corners was a metallic cot with a thin mattress and a heap of furs. There was also a full kitchen with a sink, an oven, and a fridge along with a small counter that doubled as a cabinet.

Near the foot of the bed pushed up against the wall was a cherry wood table with three matching chairs. At the table was a young man with his head down who seemed to be sleeping. He was wearing a Gorillaz t-shirt and skater jeans with chains and pockets everywhere. He looked incredibly pale and had short black hair with perfectly human ears.

The oddest thing in the room was a rack along one wall that had six masks. Each mask was oddly lifelike and if you looked really close, it almost seemed as if the veins pulsed and the muscles would give a slight twitch every once in a while.

There was a mask that looked like an obese white male with a scraggely brown neck beard and short thinning hair, one was an older lady with a kindly face and reading glasses, another looked like a ten year old indian girl and had very long dark hair, a weather beaten middle aged man with a bit of dirt smudged across his cheek, an innocent naive young woman in her late teens early twenties and quite beautiful, and, lastly, one that had shiny ebony skin with exaggerated angular features and silver moon light hair that was certainly not human.


(I made a better map. The blackness is still places you can't see, or like the blackness that is past walls is just filled up space. The yellow dot is roughly where we are. and the dotted line is where the bars are. I just wanted to make it a little better even though I suck at drawing lol.)

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