No Touchy.

Evelyn shuddered at the sight of the masks, morbidly fascinated by how lifelike they were. She couldn't even begin to guess how their maker might have achieved that.

The sleeping person did look like a gladiator, now that Aurora mentioned it. Evelyn squinted at him, and moved slightly behind Nithanial. She liked this person's shirt - but that didn't mean he could be trusted. Not just yet, anyway.

"Should we wake him?" Evelyn looked to the others.

Gareth shrugged, somehow relieved by what they had found in the room. He wasn't sure what he had expected, but it had been much worse than this. Still, those masks... "No one touch those."

Evelyn, though she was hiding behind Nithanial and nowhere near the masks, took another step away from them when she heard this.

Gareth took a step toward the table and softly cleared his throat, deciding to start with a polite attempt to wake the young man.

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