Seems Safe Enough...

Gareth shut his eyes against the strange sensation of warmth oozing over his skin; a sense of panic, like being shoved into a cold pool, caused entire body to tense. As the mask took its full effect, however, a familiar flickering of the liveliness and joy of childhood entered Gareth's mind. It was a small, welcome comfort.

Tentatively, he opened his eyes - and saw that he was now the shortest person in the room. The mask really had changed his entire body.

He examined his hands, reached up to touch his hair - and couldn't help breathing a faint laugh out of sheer relief and amazement. "This - huh..." Startled by the sound of his own voice, he took a step backward and nearly tripped over his own feet, unused to the dimensions of his current form.

Evelyn inched toward him, her eyes wide. "Gareth?"

"More or less..." He took a shaky breath. "I do not like this."

"Well, you look adorable, if that's any consolation."

"It's not. Thanks. I do feel fine, though - so far." He looked to Aurora. "It looks like you were right. I think the mask is safe." He turned his attention to the masker, still struggling to contain his panic. "Um... How do I take the mask off?"

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