Into the Dungeon

It is quiet, the only noise a faint trickling of water echoing from the right. All over the stone of the cave are little glowing lichen in patches connected by small vines that give enough light for easy walking.

As the group moves out into the dungeon they can see that the wall above the bars extends several dozen feet into the air before doming into the ceiling. The wall opposite the bars extended only half that distance, still very unclimable, but stopped short of the ceiling with plenty of space on top and seemed to slope downwards following the corridor to the left.

To the right are three openings, from the bottom up, the first two are more narrow openings and keep going. The third is a much wider corridor and seems to almost open up into another area rather than just being a corridor. The noise of echoing water seems to be coming from both of the narrow corridors to the right.

(the white is for walking the grey is stone walls and the yellow is about where we all are. The black is just where the group hasn't seen yet and not necessarily a wall.)

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