Gareth nodded slowly. To avoid a tie between them, he finally spoke up with his answer. "Let's go left, then. If we don't like what we see, Aurora, we can always come back and try going right."

Evelyn nodded in agreement, slightly nervous about the glowing lichen Aurora had pulled from the cavern wall. "Yeah... This place may not be quite as spooky as some of the places we've been so far, but I think Nithanial is right. I have a pretty bad feeling about it too."

Gareth started down the path Evelyn and Nithanial had suggested, his eyes straining to take in every inch of the scenery at once in case anything seemed out of sorts. "I wonder how long that man will let us keep the mask," he mused aloud. He supposed there wasn't much they could do to stay in contact with him, so maybe it was sort of an indefinite loan.

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