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Summary: A political scientist and government worker fighting through the apocalypse with his brother

David Guinness

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Gender: Male

Age: 32

Group: Survivors



Physical Appearance

Dave stands at 6'7'' with a burly, heavy build. He has black hair, typically keeping it cut short and neatly maintained (as neat as one's hair can get in the absence of barbers), his once clean-shave face is now growing a stubble that he barely maintains.

Dave, being a former "professional", possesses a wardrobe exclusively made of business clothing such as button-ups, khakis, and loafers. His rotating wardrobe of tattered business clothes is supplemented by a police officer's bulletproof vest and combat rigging and utility belt, which Dave typically wears during excursions.

Personality and Skills

Dave was a city comptroller running a successful Congressional campaign before the fall of society, most of his skills are related to political science, economics, and history. His masters in Political Science and ongoing doctorate studies have little use in the new world. However, an active childhood of hunting trips with his father, being taught to shoot, and several years of scouts gave him the bare minimum to survive on his own as society fell to shreds. He has acquired zed-fighting skills and more hardened survival skills from a "crash course" after being forced to fend for himself.
Dave has become a competent (but far from professional) marksman from sniping zeds from the roof of the radio station he and his brother sheltered in. He has also acquired a great sense of stealth from dodging enemies to scavenge supplies.

Personality wise, Dave is well-read, erudite, and very matter-of-fact. He is blunt and does not shy away from reality, but maintains a scant sense of optimism despite the overwhelming problems that he and his brother face. He rarely lets morals get in the way of survival, freely looting buildings, and using force if anyone threatens him or his brother. He is, however, open to cooperation with other survivors.

Being a political scientist, he believes in the government's capabilities to endure through the crisis and in the research into the vaccine. He will tend to place trust in military personnel, police, and other government workers.

In his spare time, Dave often reads, studying old political works and collecting them to preserve what little knowledge he can.


Born to Jacob and Holly Guinness in 1985 in McMaster, Georgia, David Guinness was the black sheep of the family from day one. While taking up the traditional barrage of sports, hunting, scouting, and so forth that his family had done for generations, Dave was also a highly dedicated student, maintaining excellent grades at the cost of little social interaction in childhood, and a rather quiet home life.
In high school Dave began the path towards the federal government, steadily maintaining good grades while taking part in clubs such as the debate team and Model UN. His hard work secured him a full scholarship to college, and later a grant to attain his masters degree.

After graduating grad school, Dave took to the local government to begin his career. Dave started his career in lower offices, but steadily worked his way up through the bureaucratic ladder. By 2011 he was appointed by the Mayor of McMaster as Comptroller, becoming the head of the city's financing, even maintaining the position when the next mayor would eventually come.

By late 2016, Dave had begun petitioning to get his name on the ballot for the upcoming Georgia congressional elections. He began campaigning against the local congressman that had run out of favor, and polled favorably against the other candidates. For some time, it looked as if he would succeed in his gambit.

By 2017, however, the situation in the US had begun to deteriorate. With the first cases hitting Georgia, McMaster quickly became a center of attention in the county as the Georgia National Guard established an observation post, and local civil services became swamped with health emergencies. McMaster served as the base of operations for containment and treatment operations for the largely rural Coast County. Dave was constantly on watch, rarely going home and spending most time at city hall. He began to take on additional work as some city hall employees left their posts to be with their families. Among the reports of deaths from the plague began coming in, reports of individuals succumbing to disease-induced feral aggression began flooding in.

The National Guard began faltering as reinforcements were strained and supply lines broke down. As Operation Saving Grace was put into place, many began to desert their posts to save their families, and rumors began to spread of an impending military retreat.

Dave finally left his post and returned home, helping his parents flee to the national guard outpost just as the general retreat began. His parents left with the National Guard, though Dave stayed behind to get his brother, Jamie. Dave retreated to the WOLF radio station, finding Jamie alone as all staff had fled. The two found the city slowly being overrun, and opted to remain in place.

Slowly, as radio and television stations began to flicker out of existence, the two brothers found themselves increasingly alone....

Current Inventory

*A variety of business casual clothing (button-ups, loafers, khakis, etc)
*A police bullet proof vest and tactical rigging, with webbing for clips, grenades, and pockets for assorted items
*A police utility belt, fully stocked with pepper spray, a baton, flashlight, pistol holster, radio, and ammunition clips.
*A G-17 handgun
*An M4 carbine with holographic optics and foregrip

Dave shares an extended inventory with his brother that varies in stock

Current Location

WOLF FM radio station, McMaster, Georgia

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