Interesting Times for McMaster, GA

McMaster, Georgia, was a sizable coastal town. At one point, the town was famed for fishing and camping, while also being somewhat notable for its motorcycle festivities throughout the year.
That was, of course, in the past, more recently the town was largely abandoned, overrun with the victims of Medo Fever (as the locals had come to call it).

The presence of the infected initially did little to defer the residents of McMaster, many banded together into small communes in their homes and in easily-defendable businesses and held out together. In those days, supplies were somewhat plentiful and the nuclear plant, held at the time by the Marine Corps, kept the power flowing.
When the tail end of Saving Grace came through, however, the Marines at the plant were ordered to retreat. Before doing so, the staff shut down the reactors to prevent them from causing an accident, cutting power to the county.
Without power, there was little to keep many people there. Most fled, others were overrun at night, now lacking the lights that helped them spot their targets.

Through it all, WOLF FM remained on the air, tended to by possibly the last two residents of McMaster; David and James Guinness.
The duo had holed up inside the station when it became apparent that escape was just as dangerous as staying. The station was easily defendable and possessed a well-maintained generator, along with a large store of fuel (being in the region of the US consistently beset by Hurricanes meant the station owners kept fuel in stock).
The station had been continually broadcasting since the first crisis hit, at one point it was run by Jamie alone after the other staff fled. With Dave's arrival, the task of running the station became slightly easier.

The duo had held out for some time, scavenging food and supplies from nearby and keeping mostly to the building's 2nd floor (the 1st floor was secure but any activity down there stood to alert any infected).
James tended the airwaves while Dave maintained the defenses and fought off the odd infected Medo that tried to breach their perimeter.
Occasionally, other survivors found the station. In order to keep safe, the brothers denied residence to any other survivors, as having too many people would draw too much attention. However, they often let them rest for a few days and shared their stock of food and water before sending them on their way. Only once did they have to fend off wannabe bandits, with the bandits retreating once the sound of gunfire attracted infected.

Today was no different. Jamie broadcasted to the heavily depopulated county while Dave tended to the station.

Dave's morning began with checking the defenses, as it always did. The few windows and doors on the lower levels were sealed up with wood planks and blocked by furniture. The rest of the 1st floor was arranged to protect the stairwells, a series of ramparts had been created by the Guinness brothers around the stairs to give them time to escape should their defenses fail.
Following that, he took inventory of of their stock, which was growing thin once again, meaning that the duo would have to make a trip into town once again to raid the local Wal Mart, Publix, and the various convenience stores.

Dave then took to surveying the perimeter.

He casually walked along the edge of the roof, peering down at the largely deserted streets. Some medo victims wandered about. A few clusters moved around the streets, and when the packs met, they seemed to stop and "mingle" with one another. Others moved about investigating storefronts and cars, tapping on windows and trying to get inside to look for food.
Dave noticed that a few Medos that had collapsed days ago were no longer breathing, likely either succumbing to the virus finally, or starving to death now that most of the wildlife avoided the town. In a way, he felt bad for them, but ultimately Dave felt nothing towards the Medos.

As Dave reached the corner, he turned and walked down the roof bordering the rear parking lot of the station, which was empty save for an abandoned Infantry Fighting Vehicle left by the National Guard.
Air-dropped pamphlets blew through the parking lot, many had become stuck to the IFV. They were meant to advise McMaster to the final evacuation from the area. Most residents were to retreat to the Nuclear Power Plant, the local base of operations for the Marine Corps and the only evacuation point in the entire county. Dave pondered making his way there with Jamie back in the day, though the latter was reluctant to leave the station, rightfully protesting that it would be pure hell getting there and they stood a good chance of being left behind anyway (as was the case with many survivors that flocked back home. The Marines ran out of room quick on their helicopters, forcing them to abandon most of the hopeful evacuees). Dave could have left with his parents when the National Guard abandoned McMaster, but he had stayed behind with Jamie, a decision he didn't regret.

As he walked, Dave noticed what looked to be a Medo rifling through the dumpster of the radio station. As he got closer, he noticed a backpack and gun belt on the person. As they looked up from the dumpster, Dave saw a look of fear and desperation, not the usual feral look he got from the Medos. The young woman was uninfected, the first Dave had seen in days.

"You a cop?!" the person yelled up to Dave, noticing his police vest and belt, and the M4 dangling from his back.

"I was City Comptroller" Dave said, "The police weren't exactly using this getup anymore and I needed it more than they did"

"Do you know where the Peach Point evacuation point is? I've been trying to get there for a week now" the survivor asked, closing the dumpster.

"Peach Point? That'd be the nuclear plant, about a 30 minute drive from here. It was a Marine base but the final evacuation was well around a month ago, you're really late, sorry" Dave remarked, feeling somewhat sorry that they had come all this way for nothing.

"You're serious?! You can't be serious, I've been walking for so long. I thought it was finally over. They're seriously gone!?"

"Yeah, long gone. The last time the military was out here was last week, but it was just a fighter jet, I assume some sort of air patrol"

"I dunno what to do...FUCK!" the survivor kicked a pamphlet and mumbled angrily to themselves.

"Your best bet is to find somewhere to hunker down. There's communes all over the place, check the old campgrounds too, I think some bikers are hunkered down out there"

"You don't understand! I've been walking for....I....I left them all behind, I thought I could get somewhere safer! I can't go home...I have to...I...I burned all my supplies too! I've got nothing left!" the survivor rambled on and on, sometimes coming close to crying.

"Would you quiet down before you lure them over here!?" Dave said, trying to avoid shouting too loudly.

"FUCK OFF!!!" the survivor yelled back, frustrated and slowly losing their grip on reality.

The nearby growling of medos was a familiar indicator they had heard the survivor's outburst. They came quickly, growling and snarling once they saw the survivor. She took off sprinting, barely keeping ahead of the horde chasing her.

Dave non-nonchalantly turned from the edge and walked back towards the entrance to the station. Once back inside, he passed through the office area, the break area, and finally to the studio, where Jamie was manning the airwaves. Music played softly through the speakers as Dave entered, he set his rifle down on a nearby desk and sat down in a plush chair.
Dave sighed and rubbed his eyes, the slog of holding out for so long taking its toll on him.

"Well, we're low on food again. Probably going to have to make a run to one of the stores again if we're going to make it to the weekend"


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