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Summary: A young rancher who works on the Brady Ranch.

Nick Beckett

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Group: Brady Ranch


Rancher, works as a hired hand on the Brady Ranch. Has a way with animals, very good with his hands.


No official rank or title

Physical Appearance

Is of average height, muscular, with brown hair and a light beard.

Personality and interests

Nick is kind and easygoing. He has lived in Silver Spur all his life, and has never felt the desire to leave. He's been working on ranches his entire life, starting with his family's until they were forced to sell the land.

He spends his days working, sharing a drink with his friends at the local bar in town, and falling asleep in front of his television. He is a bit of a TV junkie, mainly watching sitcoms and nature documentaries on the Discovery channel. He's also a good cook.

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Image of Nick Beckett
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