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Summary: Becca's daughter who considers herself a sellout

Claudia Luthor

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Gender: Female

Age: 19

Group: Winstead Ski Resort


Works as a ski instructor at the Winstead Resort


Ski Instructor

Physical Appearance

Claudia has medium length raven hair and dark doe brown eyes. She is of average build and height. Usually wears dark makeup.

Personality and interests

Claudia has gotten a little sarcastic as she has gotten older. She is also facing somewhat of a dilemma. Most of her teens she had a crush for Tommy but lately she's begun to take notice of Grant as well. Not to mention she has noticed what the ladies do for her as well. She considers herself a sellout going to work for the Resort but she needs the money to pay for college.

In her spare time she loves to write and fantasizes still of romantic ways to be rescued. Has a plan to see who loves her most by going into the old mill leaving notes for both Tommy and Grant.

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