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Summary: Brooke and Kelly's son and a talented hockey player

Grant Sawyer

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Gender: Male

Age: 18

Group: Townsfolk


Student, Is a wiz at ice hockey and skiing



Physical Appearance

Grant is a six foot six powerhouse much like his father. He has medium length dark hair and brown eyes. He weighs roughly two hundred plus pounds which is mostly muscle.

Personality and interests

Grant has a loving spirit who tries to do right for those he cares about. Since he was old enough to notice girls he has had strong feelings towards Claudia, though in later years he's began to notice others as she has never returned the interest. A natural on the ice and snow he has potential to make the Olympics.

He does wonder about his father. He's never been told the truth but lately he feels if the man cared for him he would admit the truth. He has a feeling its Kelly especially as he's gotten older they appear more alike.

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