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Summary: An All-American guy with a heart of gold

Dave Brady

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Gender: Male

Age: 21

Group: Brady Ranch


Works on the Ranch, a former football star, seems to have a talent with breeding.


Jack of all trades for the ranch

Physical Appearance

Dave has medium dark hair and dark eyes. Often seen with a jovial smile on his face. Of slightly above average build and avearge height.

Personality and interests

Dave is a fun loving sort with a heart of gold. Rarely lets anything get him down. Lately has noticed an attraction to Emily Winstead. He hasn't acted on it due to how his father feels about that family. Since he lost out on a scholarship his dreams of leading the Broncos to the Super Bowl and being the next John Elway deminished.

Has left his fair share of broken hearts out there. At least one he has no idea his sisters drove away as they saw her as a psyhcotic loon.

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