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Summary: Captain of the High Mountain Search and Rescue Team

Kelly Johnson

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Gender: Male

Age: 37

Group: Other


Leader of the High Mountain Search and Rescue Team


Captain of S&R

Physical Appearance

Kelly stands in at six foot six inches and around two twenty pounds of muscle. He keeps his dark hair cut short. He usually has a few days of stubble with his mustache and beard. Has charming brown eyes and dimples to die for.

Personality and interests

Kelly is a fun loving sort usually though with his younger brother he can be a bit of hard ass. He wants to tell Grant the truth of being his father but so far Brooke has stood in the way of it. Kelly is known as a ladies man and this behavior is kept him from his family. Shockingly though he does share a home with Becca and her daughter. Though this is one relationship that is strictly plutonic despite rumors he is Claudia's father. In truth he's the one who ran that low life out of town.

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