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Summary: The strong must care for the weak

Babar Alistair

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Gender: Male

Age: 25

Group: Seven bloodlines

First born, second born, ect.

4th born of the Alistair sons. He was born two months after Damien to a different mother.


Strength. Babar has immense strength. He leap great heights and lift a tractor trailer above his head. In spite of this, he tires out easily given his size.

Physical Appearance

Blond Hair
Green Eyes

Personality and interests

Babar is a gentle giant. He loves animals and enjoys taking care of them. He has spent his entire life trying to avoid people as his strength is often uncontrollable and he has hurt people in the past just by patting them on the back. He cares deeply about all living things and desires, one day, to own an animal reserve.

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Image of Babar Alistair
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