Business card

Lucy looked down at the welcome mat on the ground as she thought it over for a moment then she looked back up at him "as long as um- strange shadow things won't be a regular occurrence I wouldn't mind that" to be honest she was still processing everything and worried more things would happen but not enough so that she'd want to stay away from him- she never was one to back down in most situations, 'like her mother' is what her dad would always say. Though the run in she and Sammy had was up there with being one of the things she'd gladly back down from. "Oh, here" she said before he could turn around to walk away and reached over to the stand next to the door to grab something "that number is my cellphone" she held out something of a business card, it had her father's name and number along with hers on the a background of two German shepherds and their kennels name above their numbers.

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