Nodia accepted the drink but set it down on the table " it was not lost on me what you were saying lord it should not have been lost on you what i said....i will follow you only if i feel you are just in your the moment i believe you to to answer plainly. this moment i will follow you"
He was handsome that was the truth. But he moved a like a animal...some kind of wild feline trapped in a cage to long. All stiff and sharp movements. He probably wasn't even aware he moved like that. His eyes to were restless. Always moving always reading. He hadn't learned to do it calmly, absently as she had. She was reminded his kind were very young...they learned things slower. She wondered if his cage was made from the new position he was in or if it was a cage he had been in his whole life. " as for your father... I am sorry for you not to have know him...your mother sounds wise and the story was probably more to ease your pain at his abstinence than to hide her shame."

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