I'm good with a Jericho type of story. Nuclear bombs have leveled most cities over a million people. NYC was spared but the country is in chaos and government decentralized. Factions have taken over regions of the Country. I like the Ozarks suggestion. I grew up an hour east of Kansas City, moved to Wisconsin when I was ten.

Here's my thought, for all the people/places in that region;

Kansas City would have been hit - it's a federal government hub for the IRS.

I think Memphis, Oklahoma City, Jackson, Mississippi and Springfield, Missouri would have been spared.

The story talks about a 'Republic of Texas' but I'd think Dallas/Fort Worth, San Antonio, but more likely Houston would have at least had one of those three hit. This assumes that someone behind these events save Texas from ANY attack. Thinking on this thought, I'd assume New Orleans was hit, so Houston could surpass it in shipping.

I say we go with somewhere in a 300 mile radius of Memphis. The Ozarks, Arkansas, northern Mississippi/Louisiana, western Tennessee is a decent area not discussed in the show and offers plenty of space for us to make something up.


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