According to the show, these 23 cities were attacked:

1. Denver, Colorado
2. Atlanta, Georgia
3. Chicago, Illinois
4. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
5. San Diego, California
6. Dallas, Texas
7. Los Angeles, California
8. San Francisco, California
9. Sacramento, California
10. Seattle, Washington
11. Kanas City, Missouri
12. Detroit, Michigan
13. Minneapolis, Minnesota
14. New Orleans, Louisiana
15. Washington, D.C.
16. Baltimore, Maryland
17. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
18. Miami, Florida
19. Las Vegas, Nevada
20. Santa Fe, New Mexico
21. Louisville, Kentucky
22. St. Louis, Missouri
23. Milwuake, Wisconsin

According to the show, the attack was perpetrated by Jennings & Rall, a clandestine corporation who used the attack as a vehicle for a government take-over. They erected the Cheyenne government and began forcing states into their union using Ravenwood as a military contractor. Most of this happened in season 2 of Jericho and isn't necessary information for us to RP the initial struggle of the attack.

According to the map used by CIA agent Robert Hawkins, Jericho was one of the towns around cities that would have suffered the least fallout. The cities were:

Topeka, Kansas
Springfield, Missouri
Joplin, Missouri
Neosho, Missouri
Bentonville, Arkansas
Rogers, Arkansas

These areas have hundreds of towns around the ranging from 1,000 to 100,000 in population.

If we go with this, I suggest we center near Springfield given that it is easily the largest city and 165 miles from the nearest nuke and the nukes in the show were all 1-3 megatons which means the fallout wouldn't spread very far. Hence why there were so many of them needed to level the US.

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