It was dark.

Zhymera extended her leg outwards until it reached a smooth wall.

She drew back her leg and kicked out. She heard a crack and saw some light appear. Eagerly she kicked again and watched the area of light grow. Agan she kicked, again and again and again until the gap was big enough for her to crawl out.

Zhymera roared and flapped her wings, drying them. She was inside a large cave beside the remains of a blue egg which she had grown within. She scurried to the mouth of the cave and looked out. The cave was up very high on the side of a mountain. Below her Zhymera could see a long valley with many trees covering the lower foothills. Looking around Zhymera could also see the peaks of other mountains, some even higher than the one she was on.

Zhymera saw movement in the valley below, she wasn't sure what it was, but instinct told her it was prey. With a loud roar she spread her wings and launched herself off the side of the mountain. With a few unsteady flaps of her wings Zhymera got herself airborne, quickly figuring out how to stay in the sky.

She flew along the valley, watching for movement within the trees, watching for prey.

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