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Summary: God of war and victory, Takmes


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Gender: male

Age: old as Riffdarr

Group: Gods


all warrior classes




He turn anything into a weapon
He is the best fighter in the house of gods, he is equal to Rafdarr

Physical Appearance

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Personality and interests

Powerful, loves Ilena and war, But a nice guy
Takmes wants Rifdarr dead, and wants to marry Ilena


Takmes scared Rifdarr because he was the son of the destroyer and slayed him. His father, Iruer said Rifdarr would never be corrupted, But He started to believe Takmes won't Rifdarr killed his half brother, The Dragon of Darkness. So Takmes was the one who urge the rest of the gods to kick Rifdarr out of the house of gods.

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Image of Takmes
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