Business offer

One of his arms reached back to scratch gently at his neck and rested there. "Am a Bard I am. Work sa bit on my song's, I s'pose tha' might carry over?" The dwarf gave a small smile. Standing up, he brushed off some of the ash that had fallen unto his knees. The hand that had cupped the back of his neck, fell along with his slightly embarrassed mirth. His eyes squinted and his head sharply turned to his left. After a moment, seeing nothing, turned to his right. Turning back to Sirius, Tohgwin scratched his head.

"Say, is there some'm behind me?" Jeweler Alethumb covered his eyes and shook his head lightly. "Ach, never mind, " he took out a bag from a fold in his shirt, and a carving knife from his belt, he wandered over to the burnt remains of what was once probably a store of some kind. Holding the bag under his arm, the dwarf sawed off a piece of his vest. Using the thick cloth as a barrier between scalding wood, and flesh he started hacking large chunks into the large hemp bag.

Humming a low tune as he worked, Tohgwin quickly filled up his bag. Turning back to Sirius, he held the bag closed with a fist. "You've anywhere to go when ya finish here?" Taking the cloth he tied it around the opening tightly, "One ov the turn offs from down the bog's road leads this way and further still, down along the dead's Forest. there be lot'sa creepies like this one here." The bells jingled in his beard as he tossed the bag over his right shoulder.

He walked back over to the man as he contineud talking. "Y'see I gotta shipment ov Pretty wares for the lord in South watch. Got jumped by some goblins last time, ended up late." The jeweler held out a hand to the beast slayer. "Some protection would be nice, you'd getta clear a safe route for the poor fellas stuck in their town, and beat som'more beasties while you're at it. whatta ya say?"

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