Moving on

"I could do that, long as you provide me a decent meal." he said. "No coin needs to change hands. I would just enjoy a meal that is not dried meat, and old bread." he explained as he grabbed his things standing. "And if something happens to jump us, you stay out of my way and let me do my work. I am very good at my job, as I imagine you are good at selling trinkets, I am good at carving up demons." Sirius told Tohgwin.

As they walked Sirius seemed focused but unsettled. Slowly scanning the swamp, then the tree line of the forest. Now and again his eyes would fix on a point. Not in a way to signal battle readiness, but as if he were watching someone. Now and then holding his the right side of his neck. "Feel that, it's getting colder." he said. "Means something other worldly is lurking around here." he said. "You believe in ghosts Tohgwin?" he questioned him.

Before he could answer a blood chilling noise came from the trees. The ground shook slightly. Not enough to make trees tremble or earth to give way. But you could feel it in your feet. Like a large clap of thunder, though over and over like foot steps. From behind the trees and out of the darkness walked a massive goat-like creature wielding a huge jagged meat cleaver looking weapon.

"The ones who ran, tastes stringy. I smell despair on you." it said pointing the cleaver at Sirius. "Lack of desire to live, but anger that keeps you from dying. Seasoning fit for a king. Oh lucky me." it said. Voice sounding like a choir of voices all talking at once. "I bet you taste perfect."

"Do you mean the people from the village...?" Sirius asked, though he knew the answer taking out the sword from his side. Not making it a scythe. "Dearest Fair Lady, Tho who guides my hunts, allow my blade to render swift justice. Guide my hands so I may sunder the beast before me. Free the lost souls taken by this abomination." Sirius said the prayer aloud.

The beast began to laugh. "Fool Human, no one can hear you."

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