Rationality and logic, agree to disagree.

"Because he has gone bad, hasn't he Iruer?", Luna tilts her head a little to the left "Does he stay? does he go?" She blinks her solid white eyes at Rifdarr. "Iruer knows best." she nods solemnly to herself. "Yes, Iruer knows best."

Unera sighs a bit sadly. Closing her right hand, she raises a single finger, holding it against the side of her nose and point out slightly towards Iruer and Rifdarr. "It... was not fair of them to throw you out," She paused, taking a moment to gather her thoughts, "You ended the war, and came back to a home that would not take you. That is... all I have to say on the subject." Unera's voice faded into silence. Taking a step back, she turn and walked away. stopping her stride for a moment to take a single look back and continued on her way.

"I don't care." shrugged Luna, "The past is the past. my vote was my vote. Iruer will decide what's best, the fate of Rifdarr concerns me not." Luna sat down and waited for the other to arrive or come back.

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