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Summary: Alexander Salamader needs to go to sleep

Alexsander Rosenblatt

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Group: Ringholders




Empath- can feel and manipulate the emotions of others but does not always have concious control of it.

- Rational
- Can sow
- Makes great tea
- Good at cleaning


-Physically weak with no stamina
-Afraid of going to sleep
-Low patience with strangers
-Can't multitask
-Colour blind
-Low immune System

Physical Appearance

Dark brown-grey eyes, ashy skin, a mop of thick black hair, 170cm tall and permanent eyes bags.

Personality and interests

Alexander Loves spending time with his family, but sometimes he swears he's the only one who knows how to clean. Folders to organise papers, putting clothes in the laundry bin, is that too much to ask? Sowing helps calm his nerves especially after a long day. He's become rather good at it, helping patch up clothes and bags; making blankets and scarves to sell for extra cash is a nice bonus. Recently he's been dipping his toes into gardening and is caring for few pots of flowers on his window sill. Learning to care for them in hopes to learn how to make the people he loves bloom as well.


Alexander is an average student. He passes his work in on time, and gets good marks. For some reason, Unknown to his peers, people tend to be happier around him. When he was just a child, one of his father's cousins gave him and his sister a gift each before she disappeared. She gave his sister a beautiful clarinet "with the power to call angels". To him, a small ring "that could change the world" and told him to never take it off.


-Really suspicious of his sister's clarinet
-His grandmother died in her sleep and he's been terrified to sleep ever since.
-Swears he's being watched. his friend just think he's paranoid

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