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Summary: Geeky and Nerdy, and just wants people to hug them.

Bambi Aurelis

Gender: Nonbinary

Age: 23

Group: The Organization




Tech Savvy, aka, they actually don't know all that much about Tech, but they just touch stuff and it works and they can p much make it do what they want. They have this ability from a Ring that they have. Good at following orders.


Very soft-hearted and trusting. Not very high up in the organization, but they are a Team Leader. This means that they go out to find people who might have Rings. However, sometimes they just let people go and take the Rings, because they don't see why people have to get hurt.

Physical Appearance

Very pale with white hair and dark eyes. Their arms are covered in tattoos, and they have piercings.

Personality and interests

A little geeky and very sweet, will do anything for anyone who is nice to them.


Their father is actually very high up in the Organization, so they got to where they are due to Nepotism. They don't have the heart for it but they really wanna make their dad proud. Their mom died when they were young, so they're both really the only thing the other has.


Their name means Big Belly because they were a chubby babyy

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