15A Murder on the Orient Express Part Four

"You are the Doctor, aren't you?" Says Perkins grabbing your hand and shaking it vigorously. "You've gotten younger, but I suppose you can do that.

"Doctor, it's a bloody mess on the bridge! I heard a terrible racket while I was working on our backup generator. The lights were out on the bridge, save for a single monitor. There was a single stone angel there, Doctor. And on the screen near it was an image of an angel.

"You'll pardon me, Captain, Doctor, but I hoofed it out of there. I feel like a dreadful coward running from a statue, but there was something dreadfully wrong. As an engineer, you have a sixth sense for that, if you get my meaning, sir. I got the same feeling when I realized that the auxiliary generator had that radiation leak."

"We don't need to be blabbing to everyone about that leak, Perkins," says the Captain. "No sense in creating a panic. You did say it was a low grade leak."

At that moment the lights begin to dim, briefly go out, and then come on again.

"That generator can't hold for long, Captain," says Perkins. "And I don't know why, but the thought of being in the dark after seeing that statue, scares me to death."

"Get ahold of yourself, man," says the Captain.

"Captain, if the Doctor is here," says Perkins, "which he is, sir, then there's danger about. And I glad he is here, sir, because he's the only one who could help us. Trust him, sir. Your predesesor learned to, sir, and he save the train."

"Alright!" Says the Captain throwing up his arms. Then in a calmer, more sincere voice, with a weary look in his eyes, he asks, "What do we do, Doctor?"

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