Archimedes - Dangerous Reading - Age 6 - Post 2

Archimedes never really knew what kind of books his father wrote. They were long with small letters and with no pictures and no cool sharks, so what was the point? But people seemed pretty upset about it.

The young boy walked around a bit, ducking in and out of corridors trying to listen into different conversations to see if anyone was talking about his father's book. But he was more distracted by the wonder of the hotel.

Despite his father's success, they still lived in the small village they had always done. In a big and fancy house, sure, but still in a village in the countryside. There were so many people who were busy here. No-one seemed to want to take time to look at the scenery or to stop to chat with a stranger. It was so different.

'Hi there, kiddo,' said a woman, dressed in the slightly tacky red waistcoat of the hotel staff, 'You lost?'

'No,' said Archmedies honestly, 'Just looking.'

'It's dangerous to walk around alone without your parents, you know.'

'I know,' replied Archimedes, trying not to be shy, 'But I like danger!'

'Oh, do you?' laughed the woman, 'Let's take you back to your parents, enough danger for today. What's your name, kiddo?'

'Alejandro Mendoza,' Archimedes said, his eyes looking down and a shy smile creeping across his face.

'Oh,' said the woman abruptly, and she walked away - leaving Archimedes standing alone in the corridor along from the gift shop.

Archimedes was confused. Most people seemed to want him to take them to his father for an autograph or picture. No-one ever just said 'oh'.

The gift shop was still there though. He had a few dollars in his pocket, spare change his mother had given him. Maybe a present from him to his parents would cheer them up.

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