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Amaruq-Age 7-Post 1

One year went by quickly or as quickly at it does in the mind of a child. Amaruq settled in a routine with his dad that later in life would give him the mental and physical discipline to see through to the end any tasks he put his mind to. Of course he would not understand this for many years to come.

Years later he would remember the lazy afternoons spent playing in his fort, fighting imaginary dragons and outworldly foes.
His fascination with coding and astronomy grew and would be huge parts of his life.
He knew at an early age that we wanted to be part of space exploration and in his young mind had understood that technological advancements were the best way to achieve that.

He devoured books and info on space travel and remember gaping when he read that a trip to Pluto would take 2o years. And that was just a fly by. A time frame his young mind could not yet comprehend. In between that he learned to code and developed a taste for it.

That year he learned much but concepts that stuck with him forever and fascinated him were Singularity, AI, Terraforming, FTL Travel, Mars Race...

OCC: Assumed it was alright to post about year 7 since you spoke about birthday.

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