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Summary: Reluctant Captain of the Ouroboros

Tam Quinn

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Gender: Male

Age: 54

Group: Commanding Officers

Place of Birth

Planet Inverness, Highlands System, Alba Republic


Commander, and acting-Captain, of the Ouroboros

Physical Appearance

Tam stands at 5’10’’ and is slim and unathletic. That’s not to say unhealthy, but there is no obvious signs of muscle and Tam sports a thin frame. He has a full-grown beard and a mop of curls, both turning grey. Stark grey eyes are overshadowed by a strong set of eyebrows.


Tam is a citizen of the Alba Republic, a small cluster of star systems near the Kingdom of Anglia, and one of the nations of the Albion region. He was born and raised on the Planet Inverness in the Highlands system, a small planet that had only a population of half a million. His family were all made from high ranking members of the Alban military, and many were officers in the Cabhlach, Alba’s Navy. So, it seemed natural for him to go there too, although his insistence of studying gardening and botany never faltered.
Despite his best efforts, Tam graduated from the academy and worked his way up through the ranks of the navy, eventually captaining his own ship: the C.A. Lomond. It was a small corvette stationed in the Republic of Cymru’s Eryn border system, as part of a peacekeeping process between the different nations on the Albion region. Tam originally thought he had been signed up for the easiest job in the galaxy. The Lomond was not only slow and old, and therefore unlikely to be ordered into any real work, the tensions between the nations had been relatively calm. That was, of course, until the Kingdom of Anglia invaded the Cymran system of New Cardiff.
But Tam distinguished himself. Not only did the C.A. Lomond manage to broker an end to hostilities between the major aggressors over a period of 3 years, the captain and his crew managed to curb the level of crime and terrorism significantly.
Tam was credited with both these achievements, although he denies any responsibility for the former. As he said, the different nations of the Albion region only ‘rented out his conference room’, and he himself said and did very little the entire time.

Personality and interests

Tam Quinn had not been born for command. It was one of the many things that we found life had just thrust upon him. His true interest lay in gardening, and it still does. But a military family pushed him to join the Alban Navy, and eventually end up in command of his own ship. At times, he could shy away from making important decisions and leave his ship to be run by the department chiefs. When he was offered the position of Commander on the Ouroboros, he immediately took it up as a chance to not only get away from the nature of military command but also to shed some of the burdens being a captain had.
Tam is a quiet man and likes to spend time alone either tending to a terrarium or reading books about the plants of old Earth. He isn’t dismissive of people who come and interrupt his quiet time, and in fact is very welcoming to them, but he never goes out of his way to plan and organise social events with others.

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Image of Tam Quinn
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