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Summary: A diplomat with a penchant for the exotic

Ambassador Vidar Hult

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Gender: currently male

Age: Rumours abound, but reportedly over 120

Group: Other/Non-Ouroboros crew members

Place of Birth

HAB-10726 / Sidereal Difference | Kalmar Prime | The Kalmar Union

Perhaps one of the least habitable but richest systems in the Sirius sector, Kalmar Prime is a young blue / white star, around which orbits a massive protoplanetary disk, rich in heavy elements.
The asteroids and planetesimals orbiting the star are home to the thirty thousand or so habitats and outposts that comprise the Kalmar Union; an alliance currently ruled by King Sigvard Ålander.
Many observers are of the opinion that the Kalmars have probably started engineering their home system into a dyson swarm, or worse, a matrioshka brain.


Senior diplomat

Physical Appearance

Tall, slim and pale, with blue eyes, white hair and a full beard.
At 196 cm tall, like most Kalmars, Vidar is extremely tall; a product of both his genetic inheritance and a life lived in a low-gravity environment.

Seemingly somewhere in his thirties, his pale complexion and taut physique belie his rumoured age; the only outward sign of which is his white hair; although this could just as easily be a fashionable affectation, as cultivated by many of the Kalmar elite.

Discrete scans of Vidar and his retinue have revealed them to have so many implants and nanites riddling their bodies, that many of the more bioconservative factions in the Sirius sector would reject them as even being human.


As a rule, given the highly distributed nature of Kalmar government and society, concrete information about any of their citizens can be hard to come by. That said, Ambassador Hult is one of the more publicly visible figures, so a little more is known about him than many others.

The first time he emerged into the public consciousness of the Sirius Sector was as one of the lead negotiators, instrumental in drafting the Sirius Peace Accord. Given that the Kalmar Unionists were one of the instigators of the peace process, media outlets and spy agencies alike scrambled to uncover as much information about the people leading the negotiations. What they found was vague and contradictory.

Vidar was born well over a century ago, with most estimates putting him at around 120-130 years old. There are several conflicting reports about his initial gender and he does seem to have transitioned several times over the years and may even have resleeved - a practice considered abhorrent by many in the Sirius sector.

There are rumours of around three (by now) adult children and at least five notable long term relationships in Vidar’s life; one of which was with a member of the royal family - which is probably how he first came into contact with the Kalmar diplomatic service.
His most recent relationship was with a media starlet, which ended just over a standard year ago in a very public and acrimonious split.

Prior to his association with the diplomatic service, it seems that Vidar wielded considerable influence in a variety of both legitimate and shadowy spheres, and had a reputation as someone who knew the sort of people who could get any job done.

How and why he came to be associated with the Ouroboros project is something of a mystery. The Kallmar Unionists were insistent that their diplomats should accompany the expedition, but eyebrows were raised when Vidar was nominated. Why they would endanger one of their most senior diplomats on such a risky project is anyone’s guess. The chances are that Vidar knows, but so far, he’s kept quiet on the issue.

Personality and interests

A master manipulator, Vidar comes across as witty, engaging and sympathetic; someone who has time for almost anyone and who delights in dealing with people. Conversation with him is seldom difficult and he’s not above to resorting to flirting or even seduction, in order to bring someone around to his way of thinking.

Trading in favours and influence, the only real currency in post-scarcity societies, such as the Kalmar Union, to Vidar, social and business contacts offer a world of opportunities and he enjoys wielding the influence he has at his disposal.

That said, with more than a century of life behind him, Vidar, like many of his ilk has tired of the merely mundane and has over the years developed a taste for new and exotic experiences. This might explain why he agreed to join the Ouroboros project, which could potentially put the survivors at even greater risk...

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Image of Ambassador Vidar Hult
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