This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

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The Earth was falling. Crippled by strife, pollution, over-crowding, and a never-ending war between the Federation and the Alliance, the Earth had turned it Hell. The peoples of Earth and its colonies out in the neighbouring planets felt like the end was near, but there was a faint glimmer of hope.

The Sleeper Ships were constructed. Behemoths of engineering - they could carry hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of civilians. Dozens of nations in the Alliance designed these programmes, and rumours were that the Federation had something similar. They aimed their ships at the Sirius Sector and launched. For nearly a hundred years the crews of these ships slept before they made planetfall in their new regions.

Empires bearing the names of the Old Earth began to grow among the new worlds and stars of the Sirius Sector. New nations began to grow, new legends were born, and the past was slowly forgotten as the people of the Sirius Sector moved on to pastures new, and the location of the Old Earth was lost. But war was never far around the corner of humans. Conflicts rose and fell over the course of centuries.

800 years after humanity's arrival in the Sirius Sector, war rages again. Nations tear at each other over possession of jump-holes and gas clouds. But one final effort to stop conflict has begun. Attentions turn once back to the Old Earth. In a join peace project, nations from across the Sirius Sector have built the Ouroboros: state of the art ship with a crew from all areas of the Sirius Sector. Its mission was to and find and locate the Old Earth, and bring back knowledge and technology.

This game’s setting is very loosely based on that of the game Freelancer. Any system names or factions mentioned in Freelancer need not be referenced here. In fact, I would encourage the opposite to encourage building an original world! Knowledge of the Freelancer is not needed, and I welcome any additions that anyone would want to add to the game.